How To Get CHEAPER INSURANCE On Your First Car

How's it getting people welcome back to the channel getting insurance on my first car was an absolute pain I spent ages searching and praying and generally just hoping that I could find some kind of cheap quote on any car I pretty much my end of it would just take any car that I possibly could just to get insured so until comparison site and started comparing quotes and basically testing out all the different filters to 

 Work out how could you get the cheapest insurance quote imaginable for wherever you live on whatever car you're going for as a result of the research that I did I brought a quote from 1605 pounds - 1012 pounds which I think is pretty decent as a 47 percent decrease in insurance price per year for insurance without a black box they did even better I brought the prices down from 3441 pounds to 1592 pounds as a decrease of 54 percent which is just insane for a 17 

 Year old and while those prices will differ around the country I tested it in a average kind of insurance area a cheap insurance area and a very expensive insurance area in the middle of London just to see the prices and it was insane the amount of savings I was able to achieve any well explained it all throughout the video but I wanted to on topic of the week this week which is what do you think be best all-round first car is so I would say it's a Skoda 

 Fabia state obviously I'm massively wise that was my first car what do you think is the best all-round first car let me know in the comments down below have a chat about it remember to Like comment subscribe as always and also follow me on Instagram where you'd have seen that I've been posting every single day which is pretty good for me and the key thing for this one is share it with your friends because I hate that insurers absolutely rinse us for our money so if 

 You guys can get cheaper prices for your friends too that's great anyway without further ado let's get into the video [Music] to begin with I chose the three-door 56 plate VW Polo nine and 31.2 II as my baseline car which is the cheapest to insure in my previous video and cheap cars to insure for young drivers has a tiny little three cylinder 55 brake horsepower petrol engine the same engine 

 As the slightly older polo I'm driving in the background of this video I've got loads of content on it if you want to learn more I then put a basic quote in to compare the market with the filters I thought would be relevant ish to an average 17 year old who's about to get their first car for the sake of brevity even CDs on the screen now some highlights of the personalities of the fact that I named myself mr. James Bond living in Watford which I chose to uShip 

 Being quite an average place for car insurance as it's on the edge of London not to mention the fact I went to school there so I know it quite well James the school student with no name driver experience and has held his licence for less than a year as he's 17 years old the reason why I chose compare the market is because money saving expert have done research suggesting it generally provides cheaper quotes and its competitors so already I'm trying to 

 Keep the quote down as mentioned in the intro this quote came out with the cheapest price of 1604 pounds and 85 pence with the black box a good starting point to work from as the average insurance price paid by young people is quoted at being well over 1,300 pounds the lowest price for insurance without a black box was a staggering three thousand four hundred and forty pounds and sixty four pence but surely no one wants to pay for a one thousand pound 

 Polo then it was time to change the filters independently to see how they affected the quotes I'll be speaking predominantly about the black box insurance just as an FYI one point I expected to have influence on quotes was the number of mouths you predict you'll be driving per year and I wasn't disappointed when I changed annual mileage from the initial four thousand down to one thousand the price decreased to one thousand five hundred and thirty 

 Pounds of ninety-five pence a saving of almost seventy four pounds by checking other mileages I realized that anything up to and including three thousand miles kept the price at this and anything over then started to affect it obviously the higher the miles from 3,000 the higher the value as you can see here so if you expect to do around 3,000 miles per year or less put that as your prediction for sure I then found that having the car on a driveway came up with the most 

 Expensive quotes which I didn't expect keeping your car in a locked or unlocked garage was just as cheap as keeping the car on the street outside your house which I also found surprising but it was pretty much the same across quite to a suggestion there is that parking your car on the road outside your house could actually be cheaper than putting it on the driveway the value of the car also came up with some surprising results the Polo used in this video 

 Ranges in value from 400 pounds all the way up to 4000 pounds depending on condition and mileage but the price compare the market estimated at was one thousand one hundred and ninety five pounds I put one thousand pounds in is a nice round number for the base I tried decreasing this to 500 pounds and found the cheapest quit went up significantly to 1936 pounds and 99 pence so I went the other way instead ultimately I realized that any value 

 From the suggested value of one thousand 195 pounds to three thousand pounds of the cheapest for insurance quotes at one thousand five hundred and thirty nine pounds and 75 pence a saving of just over sixty five pounds so don't undervalue your car when looking for insurance as it may have a detrimental effect on your quotes of course every car will have different suggested values so worth taking that into consideration when looking for your car specifically I 

 Then have a look at how occupation affects prices and I'm sorry to any young apprentices out there but school students get the best deal by quite some way being an apprentice in every industry I tried came out at two thousand eleven pounds and thirty three pence for insurance so not very useful at all for undergrads looking to get their first car try putting yourself as a student rather than specifying undergraduate student as for some reason 

 The specificity increases the quote in this case despite them being exactly the same thing school students and the general students bracket get the best deal on insurance it would appear it's quite well-known that often putting a more experienced name driver on your insurance can decrease the quote significantly and I certainly found that was the case putting a fifty three-year-old parent who's had their license for over twenty five years and 

 Has no cause for concern in terms of points or health issues etc brought the price down to one thousand four hundred forty five pounds of fifty six pence I tried to see if having your mom or dad made any difference and it didn't I had grandparents on my insurance when I first got into a car and it brought down mine pretty well but I found the opposite when doing quotes as they brought the price up to one thousand seven hundred and eighty five pounds and 

 Twenty five pence the cheapest is when I put the two parents onto the quote as this brought the price down to one thousand three hundred twenty nine pounds and ninety nine pence a saving of almost two hundred seventy five pounds this of course requires you to have two parents or family members that are tequila squeaky-clean on their records which many of us including myself won't have but if you can find that situation it's an insurance goldmine for you one 

 Interesting fact that affects insurance is the date you plan the insurance to start some sites suggest you try to buy three weeks in advance but I found that just two days in advance was good enough to get the cheapest quote at one thousand five hundred ninety seven pounds of ninety nine pence which is the same price for any day between thirty days and two days in advance a small saving of just six pound eighty six but are saving nonetheless I then 

 Wanted to see if a number of doors in the car made a difference so I moved from a fifty six plate three door to a fifty six plate five door to see what happens and found that five doors are consistently cheaper to insure than three doors the five door came out at one thousand five hundred thirty nine pounds and 75 pence which is a saving of just over sixty five pounds and the three door equivalent despite both having the exact same engine same year 

 Same everything else I assume this is because they expect five doors to bees more practically in three doors more Sportelli with SEO speculation either way if you want cheap going for the five door I tried changing the year of the car to affect prices and though it did slightly work it was very inconsistent I found no major benefit to getting a two thousand and eight per nine and three versus a 2005 or 2006 one there for some insurers it mattered more 

 I don't think this is an easy one to work with consistently or to predict as insurance prices differ for different years of cars depending on their likelihood of being crashed their more modern is generally considered to be cheaper on insurance overall I also check to see if the 1.4 liter petrol Pirlo nine and three of the same year change the price at all and as expected it went up but not by much just two one thousand six hundred twenty seven pounds 

 And thirty five pence so maybe worth it if you're after a little bit more grunt there were some other fields as there checks which made absolutely no difference of the quotes whatsoever I assume they're regarded differently by different insurers but I found the minimum quote remain the same as baseline for having use of another car having an alarm or not having one in the car having some name driver experience and the number of calls you kept at your 

 Household I also found that changing the X s didn't affect the minimum quote though it did affect some of the more expensive insurers 250 pounds around the minimum you want to keep the insurance prices at the baseline anything below and it starts to bring the prices up well 1,000 pounds xx bring some of those prices down this may not be relevant because why would you want to pay more and you're in anyway but of course the ultimate factor 

 In any insurance quote is the location this is generally something you can't change without uprooting your life and moving elsewhere but I thought it was worth showing the impact anyway I tried three areas the baseline area which I mentioned was Watford a cheap insurance area which is bath and a high insurance area which is Southwark in London both came out as 1213 pounds and 23 pence annually saving almost 392 pounds or so that came to 2,000 391 pounds and 37 

 Pounds meaning it's almost seven hundred and eighty seven pounds more expensive than Watford it really isn't ideal in London but keep watching as you may be surprised the price I managed to get that down to from all of this research I then wanted to turn that into a combines cheapest quote so going back to the baseline and changing all the factors that I mentioned except location of course to see how cheap I could get an insurance quote as I spoiled at the 

 Start for Watford this took the price down from 1604 pounds and 85 pence to one thousand eleven pounds 99 pence for black box insurance or from three thousand four hundred forty pounds and sixty four pence to 1591 pounds and 52 pence for insurance without the box that's 592 pounds and 86 pens and 1849 pounds and twelve pence save respectively per year out of interest I also checked to see how this impacts of the quotes at the other locations I 

 Mentioned for bath it brought the price down from 1213 pounds and 23 pence to just nine hundred and seventy four pounds and twenty eight pence with two quotes below the 1,000 pounds mark that's absolutely incredible for a 17 year olds first year relative to the average and insurance without a black box was down to one thousand three hundred and seven pounds and four pence for sub ik it drops by over a grand down to one thousand two hundred seventy two 

 Pounds and 32 pence for black box insurance and just one thousand six hundred and thirty pounds 72 for insurance without a black box that is pretty sick for a zone one flat in central London if you're wondering if this works on cars other than the Polo I verified this too by running the same base line in cheapest options in the 2008 1.25 liter Ford Fiesta style which came to 1638 pounds and three pence in Watford with a three-door base and 1084 

 Pounds and 99 pounds with the five-door and the cheapest filter selected from this we can assume that other cars we affected similarly right so on screen now you should be able to see the findings from this video or the key ones are you to know remember to share this video with your friends they can get cheap insurance too on their first cars I really think is important that we as a community of car people outdo the insurers where possible obviously very 

 Legally I would suggest that obviously whenever you're doing any kind of quote you make sure that it is reflective of your situation because otherwise it's illegal and that's it's not worth having a legal insurance surely I hope this video helped you if you did receive a like comment subscribe instagram patreon and all the good stuff but as always thank you very much for watching i'll see you in the next one [Music]