How To Make Money As An Insurance Agent in 2023

In this video revealing how to make money as an insurance agent and how complete beginners earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience more than after the intro you hey guys how's it going mike fasil here welcome this video before we actually gonna remind you that subtle splash opener for this week's free workshop but it's the fastest and easiest way to 

 Make money online sign up for it in the link below we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to in profit in 90 days so check it out now so one of the things that blows my mind is when people start building businesses based off of old school thinking and there's so many industries out there insurance being one of them where people are literally doing things 

 That have worked for hundreds of years but yet they don't realize that there's this thing called the internet where you could actually do a lot of the hard work with the internet so that it's not as so hard and you don't have to do all like the old school methods old school ways of for example selling insurance like the fact that for example one of like my cousins makes six figures a year selling 

 Insurance and like i love him to death right but he spends all his time getting in his car driving around talking to people getting people's homes selling insurance doing all these things he's literally working so much or even though he's making six figures he has like no time whatsoever which makes me start thinking as an online marketer there's so much more efficient ways 

 To make money as an insurance agent even if you're a complete beginner that it's a lot more easier and a lot more passive than what most people actually think in fact as you can see like we even use it for our methods with like my certain website right my certain brand and you can see without actually having to do the hard work myself without actually having to go to like door-to-door or like 

 You know annoy friends and family or just constantly start selling selling selling selling without actually having to take the time to enjoy the success that i've created in the past 30 days alone we have netted about like 43 000 net and the craziest thing is in the past seven days we've netted about 17 000 and here's the craziest thing i've just been sitting here 

 For this entire week not really annoying people right and when i started thinking this i was like thinking about my cousin i was like dude there's so much efficient or ways that you can get and do it and he was telling me he's like well what are you talking about man like this is how we were taught this is you know how you know like for example the company that i'm working with this is how they taught me to go and sell i 

 Had to go and talk to my friends and family i had to go find new prospects i had to go put myself out there because i didn't know how to like you know make more money this is how all the top people in my space are doing i started talking about like well dude how do you think the bigger people are doing it the people that are even bigger than the people that you think are big it's like what are you talking about 

 Well let me just go ahead and type in for example on google best whole life insurance you sell whole life policies right what if i just go ahead and google best whole life insurance everything that you did every single concept that you did to go ahead and make money as an insurance agent selling insurance has literally been outsourced 

 In as little as one little google search if i go ahead and click on this you can see all of these things find the best whole life insurance right if i click on any one of these websites essentially what it is is these are these people that are selling the exact same insurance that wholesale um life insurance agents are selling but they don't actually have to do any of the selling they create content 

 In the form of for example um exactly what people are searching for and whenever they go to any one of these links from state farm to prudential to transamerica it is what is known as an affiliate link or if someone clicks on this right now this person um that went on to this first example website if they go ahead and get whole life insurance 

 This blog this website will go ahead and make money from it now the craziest thing is more and more insurance agents are moving to this method because then they don't have to go and drive around and talk to people all the time and constantly sell they're using an online brand in an online presence to attract prospects to them now think about how much more efficient that is would you rather go from prospect to 

 Prospect from failure from rejection direct rejection rejection which at most you can maybe get only a handful of rejections a week and you can only talk to a handful of people like even if you're at the top of your game in a given week i don't know if you talk to like three people a day and you go through the entire you know spiel and the presentation three people a day five people a day 

 Right within a week you could only talk to maybe 20 people 21 people 30 people and that's even if you have all those people that you could get and talk to there's literally websites that literally are focused around exactly what you're doing right but they are reaching hundreds if not thousands of people every single day that are already looking for whole life 

 Insurance now who do you think is an easier sell someone that you have to convince why whole life like a whole life policy is good or someone that is literally googling best whole life insurance probably someone that's already looking for your solution that's the secret about sales by the way you don't go up to people and try selling things that 

 Selling them things that they don't know they want to buy you want to sell people the things that they already want to buy and you just want to position yourself in front of them right so that's what these blog articles are doing a lot of these websites are literally building these brands and these things about just doing the pros and cons about multiple different insurance agencies and then they don't have to be 

 Tied to just one specific policy and then they can make passive income all these different things you know there's so many different businesses that are moving to this method this guy's uh for example he used to sell insurance just like one-on-one and he's also like a certified financial planner and you can see that he made 151 grand in one month and the craziest thing 

 About this if i just type in for example insurance he literally sells life insurance right life insurance he got 8 dollars in commissions and nine thousand five hundred dollars in lead sales a lot of it is because of his website he's not going door-to-door he's not annoying his friends and family he's not you know talking to 20 people a week 

 He's reaching thousands of people every single day which means he's allowing himself to scale his time that's why i literally started in moving all of my prospecting needs from belly to belly and in-person marketing to literally my website because with my website i could use things like pinterest and youtube to drive people to my website which isn't even the most like technically like 

 Beautiful thing in the world and it's very easy to create like a website we literally have a bunch of free links in the description but as you can see because of this with the product that i did not have to create or do any of the selling in face to i could literally reach thousands of people every single day and that's the only reason why in the past seven days we've netted seventeen thousand dollars 

 It's the concept of leveraging the internet and stop wasting your time around people that aren't actually your highest buyers and the moment i was telling my cousin this he was like whoa this is insane how do i go ahead and do this it's like dude albert his name is albert i was like it's very simple step number one you got to go ahead and find out who is your highest quality audience 

 Who are the highest quality of buyers that are literally wanting to go ahead and buy you know for example um your insurance policy if you look at in the past year of all the people that you've talked to who are the people that spent the most money step number two where are they hanging out are they hanging out on youtube are they hanging out on pinterest are they most likely hanging out on google 

 If you find out where it is that they're hanging out that's step number three you want to go ahead and start creating content based off of where they're hanging out with so that they can go ahead and find you the best things to create content on are for example the words best and the worst verses you can literally do best whole life insurance of 2021 or 2022 or 2023. you could do for example prudential 

 Versus state farm transamerica versus northwestern mutual new york life versus mutual of omaha and the moment you start you know creating all these things people are going to start finding you because this is what people are searching for guys we are in a new age why do you have to do old ways of thinking old ways of business when there's literally people that are destroying these people that 

 Are doing belly to belly marketing door-to-door marketing um tap root marketing and just like asking for referrals and hoping and praying that they're gonna get a referral to go ahead and make a sale so that maybe they can make six figures when there's people like me someone who's not the smartest person in the world can pull in in the past seven days 17 

 Grand with not being the most smartest person in the world and in the past 30 days pulling in you know 43 grand right how is this possible the internet is changing the game if you are literally on the fence and you need help with that and you want an even faster easy way to leverage the internet and make money even faster than selling insurance and make sure you 

 Sign up for this week's free workshop because we have a 62 year old woman to go from zero to 160 thousand dollars profit in 90 days as well check out my podcast of all these really successful people that live here in bali that make a bunch of money online like this 11 year old girl that turned on 30 million dollars and this guy that makes a million dollars from profit check it out right Here right here hopefully this helps i'll love you guys see you guys later you