IoT and the future of car insurance

No no it's just it's just construction yeah that's all no no I'm not driving are you okay yeah you I'm good I'm good oh no not you listen I'm gonna have to call my agent I'm gonna get right back to you mr. Burton this is inshore Corp we've received sensor data that indicates you were in an accident are you injured in any way I'm not injured no is anyone else injured I  Don't believe so okay where's my agents number we have pinpointed your location and we are showing your car is not drivable so we are dispatching an uber car to take you to your destination that would be great I'm pressing one English Eng Li English may we give your coordinates to our appraiser drone to perform the appraisal absolutely we have received the photos assess the damage authorized the repairs selected a   Qualified repair facility and have dispatched a tow truck to take your vehicle to that facility perfect yes hi this is yes oh ho we have looked up the other vehicles insurance transmitted the appropriate data to create the claim and filed the California sr1 accident report can you confirm the information is correct on your phone then hit the accept button I'll check it right now  Okay all done thank you your Oba car is arriving now I see it coming accident not payment accident your tow truck should be there now don't forget to leave your keys in the vehicle thank you for using inshore core powered by pivotal labs you you