The 5 Best Small Business Insurance Companies

Protecting your business with insurance starts with choosing the right insurance carrier here's the five best hi my name is ryan hanley i'm the founder of rogue risk where we do insurance differently specifically by giving you knowledge and information to make the right insurance decision now when it comes to small business 

 Insurance it acts as a foundation upon which you grow your business you can't add customers employees enter new markets add new locations develop new products if you don't have the right insurance in place because each one of those things adds risk and if you're not properly insured any of those risks could end or drastically impact your overall success and we don't want 

 Those things to happen so let's talk about the five best insurance companies for small business and why you should consider each one so these are not necessarily in a particular order because it's kind of a toss-up but these are definitely the top five so first would be the hartford it has a wide breadth it has a national reach uh they have 

 Products uh ranging everything from gl to business owners policies property and land marine they have professional liability workers compensation commercial auto so you'd really have to stretch into some of the more specialty liability coverages before the hartford wouldn't be an option for you and packaging all your insurance 

 Policies together with the same carrier can be very advantageous both from a pricing perspective and if there's ever a loss that has multiple exposures like an auto loss that also has a workers compensation aspect to it so the hartford great company you've probably heard their name sometimes when a company is big you think that you'll just be lost but that's 

 Not actually the case you're going to get a great coverage at a great price and it's going to follow you wherever you're able to go and you can also grow into the coverage as well the second company i want to tell you about is chub chub's another big name they weren't always in commercial space for a long time chubb was high net worth personal lines uh they in the last decade or so have really pushed into 

 Small business in particular providing a wide range of high quality products and what's what i like about chubb in particular is that that white gloves claims experience that you got from you know the high net worth side that culture has really moved into their small business unit as well so when claims happen 

 Uh chubb is excellent at handling those claims the next company is the hanover so the hanover is not in all 50 states i think they're in about 30 plus states but tremendous company willing to work with you willing to understand the nuances and specifics of your unique business uh while many companies will take something like a bakery and just say 

 Okay a bakery is a bakery as a bakery that's not always the case and a company like hanover will be able to work with you both from a pricing and from a covered standpoint to make sure that you're properly insured also tremendous claims handling which in my opinion that's that's what this is right so many people think of insurance just from a pricing perspective but how a claim is actually handled it's 

 Such a huge part of of insurance um as an insurance agent i feel like it's my job to understand that oftentimes business owners don't give that piece as much thought as they should so i like to mention it when possible the fourth company to think about is guard i really like guard because they're gonna reach into 

 Some of the carpentry spaces so if you're a small business owner in your contracting gard has a wide range of products for contracting they'll also write some property risk manufacturing stuff and they have a great small business program as well so you're going to get everything from main street risks to contracting risks if you deal with certificates of insurance a lot if you 

 Deal with contractors subcontractors they also have really competitively priced commercial auto rates so from my perspective guard easily makes it into the top five small business insurance carriers the fifth carrier that you want to consider is liberty mutual i like liberty mutual because they are again big wide-ranging competitively priced 

 Company with a very extensive business owner's policy their policy comes with a lot of additional coverages that while on their own don't seem like a lot but if you do have something like a major fire there's a lot of little coverages that stack up and can get you back to whole faster that some companies leave off their business owner's policy and liberty does 

 A good job with that also green great claims handling easy to work with from payment standpoint and you know if you ever have issues with billing um liberty is good with that as well so uh these are five companies that i would consider that i consider to be in the top five small business companies here in the united states uh if you need help putting your small business insurance 

 Program in place if you feel like you're not getting the service and touch that you need from your small business insurance and you want to work with someone who has the process and procedures in place to make sure that uh you're in the best coverage for the best price every year then reach out to us give us a call 518-960-6600 you can email us at gorogue you can visit us at and our shirt there's a button or a link somewhere around this video which will let you reach out to us whichever way you choose we look forward to doing business with you