The Truth About AAA Car Insurance

Hey guys mark with think insurance and today we're going to talk about whether aaa insurance is a good fit for car insurance whether they're a good company for car insurance aaa is a great company i've worked with them there's a couple things i love about them a couple things i don't like about them and we're gonna go over those right now so there's two types of aaa there's the 

 Independent and then the exclusive agents where your exclusive agents can only sell aaa that's it one company your independent agents are usually tied to multiple companies that can sell 10 12 13 different companies or more that if they're not competitive with triple a you're going to get a check with citizens or you're going to get checked 

 With progressive or other places that are competitive there it's really good to go that route that's the route that i personally like the drawback to that is when you have one person that works with 10 to 12 plus companies they tend to get a little bit fuzzy on the exact details of what that specific company offers well because aaa is such a large company is because when we sell 

 Aaa the company that i've worked for is they actually do really well as far as knowing them because they're usually competitive and they're one of the big players at least in the state that i'm in so they're a good route to go now if you want to be very specific and very niched where you talk to one person that should hopefully know every little in and out of aaa that's where your independent agent 

 Is going to have the most knowledge in most cases if you guys are interested in getting multiple quotes from one person or one company i'll put the link below that's just a company that i've worked for and they'll give you a quote other than that when i did some research i actually didn't fall on my own understanding because i wanted to get a better understanding of what other companies and other customers are saying 

 About aaa i've had some really good use and luck with them lately although i'll be honest with you in my state they're frustrating me a little bit because of some of their tech and stuff which you guys don't see and so i'm not going to dive into that too much it's more of the paperwork type stuff as an agent it's a little bit 

 Frustrating with some of the stuff that we've had to go through the e-signatures and whatnot and just tech not working 100 percent due to upgrades and they're trying to become new in the market as far as technology goes that was the biggest complaint which we'll dive into at the end of this so on average they had a four star rating unless you go to a company called wallet hub 

 Where they had less than a three star it was like a two point something which was not very good and there was 600 plus people that reviewed it i'm gonna dive into that at the end and explain why it's that way so make sure that you watch the end to get some better understanding on that but above average they're actually doing really well they're a company that's been really great 

 They have really good competitive prices and one of the gaps that i noticed the largest piece when you're 21 versus 45 your age the price is very very large of a difference so a 21 year old is going to pay about 75 a month on average it can be more or less depending on the car and coverage you get where a 45 year old is only going to pay about 48 

 A month so that kind of shows you where that needle is as far as where they're trying to find the customer so it seems like they're a better fit for someone who's usually getting past their 30s or they're 25 and up and they're hitting that 45 range and that's where they're really competitive now i'm not going to dive into the home part of them because it's more the auto section but they're really good with older homes 

 And they have less restrictions on things like galvanized pipings and the dog breeds and whatnot so we'll dive into that in a different video if you're interested in learning more about that hit the subscribe button below that will come out eventually but make sure you turn the bell icon on so you get notified when that video goes live they offer a lot of array of different types of coverages so they've 

 Got gap insurance they've got accident forgiveness they have a small coverage so if you have a pet in your car and they're injured in a covered accident they've got a loyalty discount which is actually pretty cool because most companies they usually don't start giving you really good discounts until you've had three or more years with another company well aaa usually goes back about a year 

 So if you've been with a company for a year and you want a great discount they're usually going to give you a better deal because you've had that longevity discount as they say and they do lots of other stuff they have ride share they do custom equipment and things like that and then they have different packages so the drawback as well as a good piece is aaa won't sell you an auto policy unless 

 You're part of the auto club group the acg so you have to buy a aaa membership that road service and that towing membership in order to be part of their service for auto for those of you that don't care about the road service and the towing and all of that you're just going to buy the cheapest membership that you can buy which is usually 40 to 44 it says on their website 54 but 

 If you buy it through an agent then you're going to get a discount because they usually get it a little bit cheaper on average customers are spending 70 or more on that membership mainly because that basic membership only gives you the five mile towing where the 70 plus membership which i believe it's called the gold and then the platinum uh there's three levels but that middle 

 One is the one most people use and that one gives you 100 miles of towing and that's really the biggest focus apart from a whole bunch of other benefits no matter which way you go you're going to save money because that aaa membership alone is worth it it's got these cool little apps you can flip on on your phone and it'll tell you when you're near a place that gives you a discount 

 So if you're curious you don't have to bug a an employee or a place that you're at you just flip the thing on on your phone and it'll tell you if that store or that location whether it's renting a car at a hotel whatever the case is if you're going to get a discount by being a triple-a member well that leads us to the final part which is talking about the ratings and i want to explain the negative 

 Rating that i mentioned in the beginning and explain why a company like value penguin gave them a four and a half star which is 90 uh rating or better and another company like wallet hub gave them three to three below a three star rating which was not so great well i dove through some of those reviews and the differences between those is the wallet hub 

 Is just ratings customers go on there and they rate whatever they thought well most of the reviews were on the membership and the problem that they had was the towing guy didn't come in time or i ran out of rental car coverage after 30 days that's part of your policy like that you can't change that like you can you can buy a higher amount but most car rental coverages in every policy you buy ends in 30 days 

 That's just a part that a lot of people may not know but that's something that's on you a little bit and that's where we come in the channel coming in here to help you understand that as well as the towing i actually when i was a kid i actually worked for the aaa call center and i was taking towing claims and trying to get dispatching and all of that stuff to work and there are some cities in some areas 

 Where tow drivers just don't go there they just refuse it's too dangerous they don't want to go there if they see a breakdown and they'll have a guy come three hours out they'll pay them hundreds more just to service that customer now it takes forever don't get me wrong it's frustrating for them because they don't see all that in the background but that part is really good on the 

 Customer's end and that's just kind of like amazon does that where they will do that free shipping that two day shipping or they'll give those extra benefits even if it costs them money aaa does that as well on the back end because in the end of the whole thing they're going to make profit overall because if they take really good care of you the customer they're going to win and that's really 

 The main reason you're seeing those complaints there are some valid ones on there i'm not trying to discredit that cup that website at all so if you are you can google this and you can find it believe it's value wallet uh value hub sorry and that value hub read through them there's like 600 reviews i read like 30 of them and they all just started saying the same stuff the towing 

 The this this that and then there was every probably 10 or so there was one legitimate claim which kind of falls true to the other website which is a little bit more accurate and then if you look at the other companies in that google search you're gonna see that most people are rating that four star and above the only part i can side on that negative review is that towing part 

 Because it is partially triple a's fault when they have a bad towing claim not that aaa didn't handle it they've got a great way of doing things they're quick they're on the ball everything's instant it flags it starts flashing red when something's delayed and the customers should always be in the know well now there's an app that they can use and it tells them the the location of the places well the 

 Problem that i ran into when i worked there was the towing companies didn't like the rate that they were getting and that's aaa's problem not your problem you buy the aaa for that quality service and if triple a can't build that quality service at the level that we want then why wouldn't i just call the towing company granted i'm paying a premium so give and 

 Take right that towing company is going to charge me 150 where my aaa membership gives me five uses and that's only seventy dollars so you've gotta wait and measure that piece and decide whether that's a portion that will make an effect on your auto insurance whether you want that to be a piece of what it is personally i've actually had really good 

 Luck with them i've used them several times and most of my cases is where i'm not stuck on the road and i'm just sitting at my house a flat tire i didn't want to change it so i call them or i'm stuck in the driveway and they come and tell me and within 30 to 40 minutes they've got everything taken care of and i've been all set so you guys let me know in the comments below i'm curious 

 What is your experience have you been with aaa before what age group are you in and what prices were you getting did you like the service that they gave do they need to improve on things am i completely right with that or wrong with that towing and road service should we write that against them should that be a portion otherwise definitely follow and subscribe with all the thumbs up if 

 You didn't like the video feel free to hit the thumbs down twice otherwise i'm mark with think insurance i'll see you in the next one