Top 10 insurance companies 2023 | The good, the Bad, the Cheap

Hey guys mark with think insurance and today we're going to talk about the top 11 insurance companies that are for home and auto in general so if you are in the united states and you want to find out which companies are the rated the best we're gonna go over that right now as usual you see me drinking the coffee it is the support for this channel if 

 You guys are interested in supporting me there's a link below to buy me a cup of coffee and i've recently had a few of you buy me coffee i appreciate everything you guys are doing it is very helpful it fuels my channel which is really me running around in circles trying to research all of the data so i actually pulled up an article from cnet and there were some interesting things that i didn't agree with 

 A lot of it and we're going to dive into it right now they started off by explaining what coverages are what and each state's different and depending where you live and your gender and all that stuff makes a huge difference so at the end of this whole process the real question is where should you go to get the best insurance quote 

 Because you're in different states and you're in different guidelines i'm in michigan where the rates are crazy you may be in north carolina where they don't care as much i'm going to link below a company that works with multiple states and almost every single company that we're going to talk about today is in there if you want to shop across all of these companies it's really simple to do you don't 

 Actually have to even talk to a person now keep in mind this article does reference one thing i do agree with they do tell you that it's not always the cheapest that gives you the best service so that's kind of a factor there's a few things that i'm going to tell you near the end of the video that i think you guys should pay attention to because i'm going to make another one of these videos 

 That's going to go a little bit more in depth with some different companies that i think are going to have a little bit more meat or depth to what we're going to talk about let's dive right in the first one geico insurance and geico came in first although it's a lie if you read their article closely they're actually second and we're gonna go over the first one in a second but 

 Geico their overall satisfaction rating was high i'd love it in the comments below if you can either rag or praise geico let me know what your guys thoughts are most of the time geico's a really good fit overall they don't have any bells and whistles so you're not going to get a ton of stuff some states they won't even quote you in 

 Or they'll make you jump through a million hoops like mine and other places they don't offer home insurance so they're more tied to the best auto insurance prices and i will agree they do have from what i've seen a good satisfaction rating so if you're looking for an inexpensive company to go with that's going to give you decent service geico's a really good option what we're going to bump them back and put back in 

 The number one slot is usaa now no company is going to rate usaa only because the fact that you can't join them it's kind of a crazy thing you have to be part of a military family or tied to some sort of military in order to join usaa the only thing about them is they're slipping a little bit their coverages are starting to drop a 

 Little bit more and more while their prices have started to go up a little bit more and more at least in my state i can tell you when i first started doing insurance i couldn't touch them they had great rates they were a great company i still think they have some of the best service there is but their problem was is now that they're getting more competitive 

 Triggers and competitive driving apps and all of these other things the usaa price is starting to go up a little bit or just not keeping up with the market and the demand that in turn has led us to be competitive i would say out of five quote three if not four of those times were more competitive than usaa and then the benefit is you've got an agent like one of us 

 That can shop you across multiple companies as life changes you've got all these different options where usaa as great as they are you're kind of stuck to the one company the third one is allstate allstate has been a large company i'm actually going to work on a review on this channel per request from several people so i will put that link here or below when i get that video done 

 If not just subscribe turn the bell icon on and watch every single video that i make until you see the allstate video they're a good company they have a few extra kicks in their policy they're really good with service they're large they're one of the larger companies in the nation and they're just overall a good company i wouldn't shy away from them for any reason the only thing that i will warn you to 

 Be careful with is their agents agents have a tendency to not be trained well and i've seen that with multiple companies all states not excluded from this list where their agents i've seen to be a little bit more aggressive because in some states they've had some rough patches and when you're the guy taking away their business i've seen some things and 

 I'm not going to put on this channel because that's specific to the agent and not to allstate but just be careful because if you're choosing your agent you want to make sure that you get the right person coming in at number four is who last year i claimed as number one personally is progressive and progressive insurance is just crushing the market i want to say they're second or third largest in the nation now they're 

 Growing they have a market cap that is large if you want to watch that video i'll link that here they are just an overall good company they do ride share they do a savings bank so if you want to put some money away for a deductible if it happens they led the market with snapshot which is one of the best things they have my favorite thing which they're actually allowing 

 You to do a test drive link that video here where you can test drive them two weeks three weeks in advance without ever committing at all you can do their snapshot see how your driving record is and then they'll give you a discount and tell you the exact price before you even buy it that's amazing progressive is doing some innovative things 

 And they're good with service they have really good service people if you go through an agent you can go through your agent and go through progressives so you have multiple options with their company that brings us to number five which is auto owners auto owners is great i have loved hearing that name for years i've never really been with them but i've seen them work and i've seen a lot of people happy 

 They like usaa have slipped a little bit not as much they're still very competitive at least in my state they are the part that i love about them is they're really good with teachers and those accredited they're affiliated with the teachers association which most companies are now so it's kind of lost that luster of that discount but even if you're a kid of a teacher 

 And you're 30 now and life has passed they're still going to give you those discounts for being tied to mom and dad throughout the period so that they keep you and the whole family as a group with their company they're really competitive with home especially in the state that i'm in and that's the toughest piece of them so they overall know that customer satisfaction is the main focus 

 And i think that's where auto owners really shines the most insurance i'll give you a little secret it's really allstate on the internet just like progressive now has progressive direct just like nationwide i don't know their company i think it's the general i don't quote me on that it's somebody but all these companies liberty mutual has safeco they have sub companies and insurance 

 When you watch their commercials years ago when they first started doing this said hey for those of you that don't want to go to an allstate agent we're going to create a cheaper product because we're going to bypass all of the extras we're going to do the paper list we're going to do the all the discounts of the internet and not have to pay an agent sorry agent but we're going to allow you to go that route 

 And it save people money so they are doing really well as far as cost goes that's a big benefit i recommend them to a lot of younger drivers now the service level is similar to allstate they're going to find those are pretty much tied hand in hand in all state like i said before is overall a really good company liberty mutual is actually one of my favorite companies not just because i have family that 

 Works there and i've kind of got the inside scoop because i've actually worked with their sub company safeco and they've given me access to some of their actual documents these guys know what's up they know social media they know how to brand things they know how to support an agency or an agent they're really good at taking care of everybody not just you the customer 

 Because they understand that in order to keep you happy they also have to keep the agents happy so they're super competitive when price they're really good with the agents they're also really good with the customers they offer a ton of coverages and they're innovative and that those all combined makes a really really good company i personally depending on the state that you're in 

 If you get a really good deal with liberty mutual i honestly would go that route because i do love that they're kind of in my mind a little bit of that next level of a company as far as like not just meeting the service levels but having the extra coverages and the discounts and the cash back options and all of those things that a lot of people really are missing when you're buying those 

 Cheaper online versions of a policy nationwide is all over i have had the struggle with these guys i love but don't use them very often and i've really had good success they are improving they've actually gone up as far as their technology they now have the nationwide express and they were part of allied insurance and they're just kind of mixing with a lot of different options 

 So they're going in really good directions they've always been good with service they're a little bit tougher as far as initially checking into things so for example if they're insuring a house they want to make sure that there's not a lot of damage it's been well maintained everybody wants that but they're a 

 Little bit tougher to make sure that they're not pulling in the wrong client which is great for those that know you have a really good foundation good auto good home no claims that bundle they're protecting that and that's a good thing for those of you that want that option they're also competitive when you're young and don't have insurance they're one of the few companies that open up the door and say that's fine 

 We'll give you a little bit of a deal because we know you're new to insurance but you're still going to have kind of those trial periods to make sure that you're still a fit for us travelers insurance i've had a few conversations with them and i do like them a lot they're not so competitive in my state which is michigan and i don't even know if they're technically doing insurance in michigan 

 Right now but out of the outside states they crush illinois they crush a lot of different states as far as cost goes but they have some of the most unique coverages they offer like water backup with mold with like over time where everybody excludes those pieces so if you're a homeowner and you're looking for really good options i love the fact that they don't 

 Just rate the auto and then they don't just rate the home they kind of combine it into a mix and they look overall like what's this person who is this person what kind of risk is it how can we get them better discounts what coverages may they want do they want matching limited matching which is also described in this video if you're curious about what that is we're not going to go into it in this video 

 But what is the options what benefits can we give a customer not just auto but home as well travelers is a really good option and then number 10 is going to be safe co-insurance not much to say think of liberty mutual almost identical in my opinion websites are similar emulimu is not there but everything else is they're a really good company one of my favorite companies 

 Kind of that upper level where they are the a or a plus rated company that is just really good at knowing that customers matter the most agents matter as well and so everybody they're trying to build that happy everybody's gonna fit here and for those that don't you don't so there's lots of options that's why i'm putting that link to that company down below where you can get multiple quotes with multiple companies 

 So you can see what options are best for you guys now the bonus tip is number 11 and this is a company that i didn't see on this list although i'm talking about 2023. here's the thing this article was written just recently march 24th of 2023so that's three days before i made this video now the data they're using is from jd 

 Power which is also something that i use i'm going to use in my next video where i'm going to go over the top ten but they used it from 2019 so either jd power hasn't come out with the 2020 or 21 because it's always usually about a half a year to a year behind or they're recycling an old post and i think that's kind of maybe they're updating a post 

 But they're pushing this one out as if it's brand new i can't tell you those answers that's up to them number 11 it should have been american family i actually had a article which put them as number one as overall for home insurance and auto insurance so i don't know why they're not on this list maybe their customer satisfaction wasn't as high which is what this was 

 Rated on and they aren't 100 at that level yet but they are competing very heavily those are my top 11 tips for you guys those are the companies that cnet has decided are the top 10 for 2023 i do like a lot of these guys there is a lot of options if you guys have questions let us know your positive and negatives with any of the companies that you have and i'm curious to know what company 

 You're with and if you've been happy with them i'm mark with think insurance i'll see you in the next one