Make $20,000 Per MONTH As A New Insurance Agent In 2023

Hey my name is Justin vomigen welcome to the channel I sell final expense life insurance 100 over the phone actually I train agents to sell final expense life insurance 100 of the phone and I help them do that I've been in the business for about three and a half years my team does about 150 000 AP a week now over the phone final expense and I want to help you learn how you can be successful in your first year selling Insurance 

 Because the first year is the make or break if you make it through your first year you have a really good chance of staying through the the making this a career most people won't make it through their first year so hopefully this video will help you have an idea of how you can make enough to make it through your first year and if you're struggling and you're past your first year hopefully this video can add some income to you as well please subscribe to my channel and 

 Turn on post notifications if you find Value in this first things first let's just pick we want to make twenty thousand dollars a month okay I'm just using that as a random number make twenty thousand dollars a month it really becomes a math problem here and I'm going to take out my calculator as I'm talking to you and I'm going to kind of just uh talk about this I'll put like a document following or maybe in the description some math to follow so if we 

 Take twenty thousand a month assuming that you're looking at the other content in my channel you're learning the sales process you're handling objections properly you're generating your own leads on social media you have all your everything set up properly and you're quoting people properly you should be averaging about a thousand dollars a sale okay so twenty thousand dollars a a month say we're averaging about a thousand dollars a sale so we're gonna 

 Say twenty thousand divided by a thousand we're gonna do 20 sales a month let's just be conservative about that let's say 24 sales a month okay so let's add let's increase that by 20 20 so we're gonna say you got to make 24 sales in a month to have twenty thousand dollars of deposits in your account okay so let's get that number here 24 sales we're being conservative okay 24 sales so if we have 24 sales now we're going to be conservative in this as well we're 

 Going to say you have an eight percent closing rate on your sales so say that's the case we divide 24 by 5.08 to get how many leads that you'll need a month which is 300 okay 300 leads per month at an eight percent closing ratio should equal 24 sales okay 300 leads a month at an 8 closing ratio should equal 24 sales now should you close higher than eight percent yes you should close higher than eight percent and some of your sales should be husband and wife and you can 

 Get referrals from those sales too so you're going to make even more than eight percent but we're being really conservative here okay so 300 leads a month now some of you may be saying dude I'm looking at leads and they're like 25 30 each so if you do that if your IMO is trying to charge you 25 a lead you're gonna spend 7 500 bucks on leads do not go to your IMO for leads please if you're in telesales do not listen to your upline telling you to buy leads 

 From them so you're going to want to generate your own leads you can check out the video on my page on how to make your own Facebook ads you can check out my video on how to make your own YouTube ads you can follow my recruiting video on how to make your own Tick Tock ads Peter Roberts good friend of mine he has a video on his page of how to make your own financing Facebook ads that he did a ton of sales off of so watch these tutorials learn this stuff I'm telling 

 You knowledge is power the time that you you can take six hours of a day and get all the advertise learn about advertising on social media and have enough knowledge to become lethal in this business so 300 leads now what I'm seeing is social media leads are coming in around six or seven dollars so so let's say it's six dollars okay 300 times six that's eighteen hundred dollars per month four weeks in a month we're gonna say 

 We're gonna spend 450 on leads a week okay 450 on leads a week so if you follow the tutorials and you set up your ads properly and you are bringing clients through the sales process properly you're reaching out to the leads as soon as they ask for help you're working you're working six days a week not seven I would work every day starting out and you're spending 450 a week divided by say it's six dollars a lead is going to get you 75 leads a week 

 Okay if you close ten percent or eight percent of those you should get six sales averaging a thousand AP you're gonna get six thousand AP a week times four you're looking at about twenty four thousand AP for the month all right with that you if you take the 24th say you're selling some guaranteed issue you're selling some policies of people a little older and then you're selling some level policies where you're going to get paid more than 100 Commission on your policy 

 So say it averages out to about 100 commission with all those you're going to get about twenty four thousand in deposits and then if you subtract the 1800 from your income then you're left with about 20 something thousand dollars profit now that is a monthly Revenue generation now there's also going to be CRM fees and there's going to be other fees that are in there so let's take another say a thousand a month for stuff like that we're looking at twenty one 

 Thousand two hundred dollars so do you have to invest in your insurance business to make money yes you do if you don't have any money you're gonna have to put a lot of time in but time you can create money with time so the best way for you guys to do this is to learn how to generate your own leads and call them as they come in I wouldn't spend 10 bucks a day I wouldn't spend 20 bucks a day put it on a credit card and spend a lot now if you have never called any 

 Leads before I would start with some age leads reach out to a lead vendor I don't know who to reach to to send you to but there are tons of them out there reach out to an age lead vendor and ask them to buy some age leads go through them get beat up we have a girl at our agency who writes like a few hundred thousand AP uh uh over half a million AP a year off of aged leads that's it half a million AP off of aged leads guys Okay Age leads work she refuses to call New 

 Leads believe it or not she refuses to call New Leads she does not call any new leads all she calls is age leads that we have here and she writes over half a million a year if you guys are watching this buy age leads if you can't close age leads you're gonna have a harder time closing New Leads okay so I would start on age leads for a couple weeks get beat up reach out to me for my script call them just annoy them and get beat up and then 

 That way when you get the lay down New Leads it'll be easier for you okay a couple other things I'm going to add in here that that are that are really important so all this math breaking it down it makes it sound easy but I promise you it's not as easy as it sounds there are people like Peter Roberts who is a naturally like really really good salesperson and when he talks he makes it sound easy right I know he works hard Peter if you're 

 Watching this I know you work your butt off buddy but but I'm saying when I hear your calls and your presentations like you make it look easy because you're really really good all right now Peter is is exceptional and you know not everybody is gonna is gonna come in and have like a talent level like that okay and he combines hard work and talent now if you don't have that natural Talent level but you you do have hard work then like me I consider myself kind of 

 Naturally talented salesperson like I was good at it when I started I didn't really like I struggled in this business because it was like a lead generation thing I didn't have anybody to talk to but when I got people to talk to I would close them I was good what you got to understand is the first year is going to be a lot harder than you think guys I'd make the math look easy here maybe the way I talk about things makes it sound easy there are some people online who 

 Make it look easy some other people have channels but I'm telling you we work really really hard and and it's probably more challenging behind the scenes for us sometimes than you may think so it's it's going to be a challenge your first year is going to be the hardest year but there's a light at the end of the tunnel okay so just stick with it be consistent and make sure you know your numbers all right so you're gonna have to invest in your business you're going to have to 

 Spend money okay you're gonna have to buy good technology you're gonna have to spend money on leads somehow you may have to spend money on sales training courses this is if you're buying your own leads everybody has a different setup right like what what I do like what we do we have our agents on a lower commission percentage and we provide them all the leads regardless of what you're doing you're gonna have to put in a ton of effort so whatever effort you 

 Think you have to apply double it for your first year okay um also guys if you're new make sure that you're starting with someone who is kind of easy to reach right like if they're really busy and they have a big team yeah like they may not get back to you right away with a response but but as long as they are someone who is in communication is active in Zoom calls and training and is invested in their agents that's really important I see 

 Some guys online that are like you know I I know that they're not investing as much into their agents as they they should be because they're production numbers it just shows right I mean people it's a kind of leading from the front right which is okay hey everybody's got their own thing you know some people like I just want to recruit a bunch of agents and not have to do much and like that's it cool whatever that's what you want to do uh in in the 

 Production is going to be limited by that so make sure that you're getting with a mentor and someone who who is really really good now I can't hire in every state but I know a bunch of people who are really good mentors in every state so that can work in just about every state so if you would like to meet to connect you with someone who can invest that time and energy into you that I know and I can vouch for because I know that they're good people just 

 Reach out to me I can I can send you over if you feel like you're not getting the support that you need where you are it's totally natural I kind of felt that way when I started and then when I look back now I just wasn't putting in the effort I should have so it kind of made sense why my my mentor wasn't really mentoring me but whatever um if you feel like you're struggling and you're putting the work in and you feel like you just need someone need help reach 

 Out to me I can connect you with somebody but you got to help yourself too the biggest thing as a mentor in in a leader is hey who shows up when they say they're going to show up right if you're like hey oh uh yeah I I don't get I'm not getting the training I need but you're not attending any of the training calls and you're not like hitting the target the dial Target or call count expectations that that are set for you you're not really working many leads but 

 It's not a training problem right so rarely are you going to find a leader that's going to like sit there and like cater to you and baby you and be like okay perfect let's meet at this time what what time can you meet you know if someone's busy they're gonna be like nah man you're meeting me at this time and I'm telling you it's good so you're gonna have to take the words of of someone to who's a leader and understand especially if they make a lot of money 

 Be like okay maybe I should just like listen to what they're telling me to do okay I find a lot of new agents can get stuff but sometimes don't fall into that slump also please treat advances like loans so what I mean by that on those the commission that I was just telling you about that's really advances okay so and you're going to get a 75 Advance on your deals okay so you're not going to get 100 Advance on those policies you're going to get 75 of that money up front 

 And that's will be annually at twenty thousand dollar a month but when you get those 75 advances meaning you sell a policy you get 75 of the annual commission up front do not spend all that money treat that as an interest-free loan treat it like your friend loaned you money that they may need to recall back at any time because they may get desperate what I mean by that if a company advances you a thousand dollars as a commission advance 

 And then that client cancels next month you have to owe back the majority of that thousand dollars clients will cancel save some of your advances please save some of your advances do not spend them all if you make a thousand dollars I would put 500 away 250 to cover chargebacks in 250 to cover taxes assume that like 30 of your clients will cancel now some of you watching this who may say oh I have perfect quality no one will ever cancel on me or I sell over 

 The phone and no one cancels it's BS I don't believe it you can prove it to me but you're gonna have people cancel so you want to save that money okay this is really important to you guys get hardwired to the Internet so if you're making calls over the phone from home get hardwired to the internet do not call off a Wi-Fi it's going to be very very hard for you to make sales to make money off Wi-Fi because it's gonna you're probably gonna have a choppy line 

 And it's going to be hard for your clients to understand you get a good schedule in be consistent communicate with your Mentor work as many leads as you can work as much as you can invest in your personal development stay committed stay goal focused set monster goals for yourself be committed to your targets make sure you hit the numbers and you can make this work that's really all it comes down to this business is a numbers game so hope you guys enjoyed 

 This I hope it helps you if you're a new agent and you're looking out there to to to to make a bunch of money and hit it strong starting out the insurance business if you have any questions just email me at jve the that's and you definitely don't want to miss this next video coming up because this is something that's really really going to catapult your career