Life Insurance In USA | Types Of Life Insurances In USA | Best Insurance Company 2023 In USA

I'm just going to share with you about insurance that what is insurance and uh here we will discuss some different types of insurances and uh and we will see that what is the criteria of insurance policy in USA so first of all we will see that what is Insurance how we Define insurance a contract in which an individual or entity pays an insurance company in exchange for financial protection or reimbursement of losses resulting from a covered event okay and the next we will see that what is an insurance premium first we have seen that what is insurance and now we will see that what is an insurance premium and the amount of money an individual or business pay for an insurance policy is called insurance premium guys say that this is called an insurance premium okay next we have another type of insurance that is called term life insurance a type of life insurance that guarantees payment of a steady death benefit if the covered person died during a specific time this is called term life insurance uh what is the life insurance benefits first of all you will get three benefits piece of my flexibility and certainty okay so uh this is all about you know Insurance types and what are the life benefits of insurance as I have already told you that there are three different types of insurance that you will get your peace of mind and now we'll say 10 reasons why life insurance is important to is number one to ease Stress For Love one and uh to pay bill to save the family home to pay for our children to pay for your children education to protect your business to secure your retirement to provide a source of cash during your lifetime to cover end of life expect to live in inheritance take care so how do insurance companies make money by charging premium in exchange for insurance coverage then reinvesting those premium into other interest generating assist so in this way companies make money and what kind of insurance is right for you here are some terms and and here we have some other 10 benefits of life insurance first of all wealth insurance for your loved ones money to fund your kids education and for critical illness and hospitalization in case of Road accident in case of disability in Turkey money for unforeseen events for your money for your retirement and money for exploring the world money for x-state taxes these are the benefits of life insurance and now what is life insurance life insurance can be otherwise called Personal Insurance it is a type of insurance policy with an insurance company that pays out and initially agreed some of money either on the death of insurance person involved in the deal or after you set a period of time and third one life insurance is divided into two term life insurance and premium insurance term life insurance generally provide protection for a set of time pay period of time while the permanent Insurance can provide a coverage for the entire lifetime of the person under contract generally the life insurance that is paid a person debt is usually a free so this is all about insurance so I hope you people like this video If you do so then kindly please like this video And subscribe to my channel and leave your comments so and uh hope you people understand the meaning of insurance that uh what are the benefits of insurance and the how many types of insurance are there and uh oh so this is all about insurance.

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